Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Turns of the season and some of the best

We decided to finish the ski season by over nighting at the Grand St Bernard Monastery. Andrea invited some of her friends Mia Ged and Noah plus their parents Shelagh and Martin.

We left the road head in the pouring rain and skinned up to the Monastery. We were the only group there a apart from Pilgrim who was walking from Canterbury to Rome a long the via Francigena.

This morning we awoke to thick mist, wind and drizzle. Never the less we braved the elements and headed out past the lake into Italy. As we traversed we poped out of the mist to clear blue sky

and very good snow conditions.

Sophie and Mummy decided not to go any further but he rest of us headed up to the Fenetre d'en Haut. A quick photo and then we headed back.

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