Friday, January 27, 2017

If you want good snow stay low.

The general view in the alps is the the snow cover has been very poor so far this year. The big problem , which seems to be more and more common is that when it snows it is accompanied by unwelcome wind which blows all the snow somewhere else. This leaves all the high resorts either devoid of snow or its like skiing in a concrete skate board park. Yet if it remains cold the best snow is in the low resorts. The only way to find good snow is to be flexible. Being pinned to just one ressort with the inability to move to where the snow is good, can often lead to disappointment and frustration. So Reuben and Fiona Berg joined me for 4 days of "low skiing." On Tuesday 24th We drove to St Gervais and skied through some magical glades.
Great skiing combined with lunch at the unique Ravoire provides for a good day. Wednesday 25th. Even better skiing in Combloux with the wonderful descent down to Geittaz.
Thursday 26th . We skied in Les Contamines. Beautiful weather although the snow at the top was wind blown yet as we skied down the mountain from the Col de Buche towards Hauteluce the snow became very good. We enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Buche Croisse Auberge. Friday 27th I skied my first day of the year in the Chamonix Valley which for a Chamonix Mountain Guide is not a good advertisment for the local conditions. Fiona and Reuben celebrated yet another wedding anniversary and we skied off the back of Le Tour. We skied down to a collection of cow sheds which in a normal season would be completely buried. Here we stuck the skins on and gently made our way to the Carrage - a fine view point up the Rhone valley. I couldnt believe my luck because as we skied down we came across an immaculate pitch of un tracked easy turning snow that just went on and on.
Just goes to show what you can find if your prepared to have a look around.

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