Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Perfect Ski Tour

It is not often that pretty much everything goes according to plan. Clearly having 5 days of perfect weather help but in addition good snow , safe conditions, make all the difference. When I say pretty much everything - we didn't get off to a good start because Valdi Gudmundsson , the highly respected Ice Driver from Iceland woke up with a blocked back and couldn't join us.
So Turi and Agust and I sadly left for the village of Diablerets without him.
We climbed the mountain of Diablerets from the lift station of Col du Pillions. From its summit we skied un tracked powder to the Diablerets Hut where we were the only customers for the night.
The next day we took special early cable car reserved for ski tourers and headed over to the Audannes Hut. We had really good safe conditions and the bonus of a great ski down to the Hut

The next day we headed on to the Wildstrubel Hut where for the 1st time ever in a Hut the guardian sat down and eat dinner with us. On our third day we again woke to perfect , but very cold weather , traversed the glacier des Morts
and climbed to the summit of the Wildstrubel, before skiing fabulous spring snow to welcoming Lammeran Hut.
On our final day we left the Hut at 7.00am skinned up to the col behind the hut
From here we skied all the way down the valley from where a short skin took us up to the Cable Car for the ride down into Kandersteg railway station. So if you want a great quiet ski tour then look no further.

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