Friday, February 19, 2016

Half Term week is a very good time to ski off piste

It might seem counter intuitive to come skiing at half term when both the English and French schools are on holiday if your looking for piece and quiet. But if your primary goal is to ski off-piste then its good bet. This is probably because parents are wrestling their kids into ski school and because the media seems to whip its self into a frenzy [just before the half term] about how dangerous the avalanche risk is. The result is that no body seemingly ventures off the piste.

On the Monday Francis Bridgeman and I skied laps of trackless snow of the back of Le Tour and saw virtually no one.

On Tuesday it was the same at Grands Montets . Once we got off the top cable car we saw no one on the entire descent all the way to the car park at the bottom.

Wednesday at Flegere was the same. In fact it became quite disconcerting- where was everyone ? What do they know that we don't?

On the Thursday we were joined by some of Francis friend Amanda, Melanie and Chris. They were all parets who had managed to off load their kids for the morning so that they too could ski far away from the crowds. We skied off the top of grands Montets all the way back to Argentiere taking a line skiers right of the Chalet Lognan. The theme continued: we saw no one.

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