Monday, February 29, 2016

Strange Times..

Mid February is meant to be the best time of the year to ski . But not last week. It rained . Not snow but rain . There is little more demoralizing than being in a ski resort and its chucking it down.

I was in Megeve to ski with Charles and Rosemary Sherwood. It was Rosemary's first visit to Megeve and with the weather it threatened to be her last. She was distinctly unimpressed with the stair rod like rain. It did eventually snow and with a couple of stand out days the start of the week was [almost] forgotten.

Again it was the brilliant Aravis area of Geittaz that gave the best skiing

The descent from the Christomet lift all the way down to Le Plan was very good too and I skied this with Charles.

You can tell when you are having a good off piste adventure because it normally involves crossing a stream or getting covered in mud. [Generally both.]

OR being swallowed up by a man -trap:

On the Saturday of last week it finally was clear. The combination of the weather getting colder and dumping 40 cm of mostly windless snow set up a very good day at Le Tour

I was joined by Leo Vita-Finzi who lives in Geneva. Leo drove up for the day and we had one of those "good as it gets days." So much so that I suggested to Leo that he should give up skiing because he was unlikely to have a day quite as good as this one.

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