Saturday, January 26, 2019

Excess Boys 2019

They are as reliable as the Atomic Clock.  Every 25th January 17.00hrs on wards they can be found in the Savoy Bar in the village of Argentiere.  2019 was no different. I walked into the bar to a fantastic welcome . Several jugs of beer later we had a plan:

We decided on  Les Contamines. Although  Toyota Land Cruiser's have a formidable reputation for toughness  it's a big ask to cram them with  over a 1000 kilos of sculpted, lean muscle .  Still, despite bulging tyres we arrived serenely at the cable car station  and were greeted with beautiful weather and exceptional light fluffy snow. 

We even had a "Gilet-Jaune" taking time out from "agitating" to come and  ski with us.  We just couldn't shake him  off despite trying to push him in a river.

The  day would have been perfect apart  an incompetent lunch where we had to wait for over an hour for our food.  I always thought the French knew how to cook omelettes.

Our second day is traditionally our ski touring day.  The Excess Boys had been nothing of the sort the night before showing a steely focus when they turned up at La Flegere at 8.45am.  They were greeted by the usual Chamonix Ski Station incompetence with a massive queue.  An even bigger queue than normal because the adjacent Le Brevent cable car had also malfunctioned. [Again.]  Still I'm sure the people didn't mind the two hour wait in -14c conditions.

  Luckily for the Excess Boys I got everyone up through the Ski School priority line and we were up and away on route up to the Col du Belevedre high above Lac Blanc.  The weather and conditions were once again perfect and the back drop of the Aiguille Verte is simply stunning.
The ski conditions were so good that we could ski all the way down to the car park.  It was an exceptionally good day out.

The Excess Boys 2019

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