Friday, May 22, 2009

Not so dry anywhere

We started the week on a dry note and it went fairly damp pretty quickly. This shot of the sun resting over the Minch was briefly glimpsed after a deluge on the Cuillin, Corie Lagan section of an attempted traverse.

The day had started well enough with a pleasant boat trip into Loch Scavaig, until around , mid-afternoon when the clouds closed in. On our second day after a dry bivouac, we made it as far as Sgurr Mhadaidh before the damp conditions and slippery rock forced a retreat.

Forced away from Skye to the relative dryness of Glen Nevis, we managed a few good routes in between the showers.

Abseiling today on Agags Groove.

Today the weather had forecast a clearing from the west. It cleared many times, only to be replaced by more showers!

Fairly damp on Agags Groove today.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Road to Gd St Bernard starts to be ploughed

Francis Bridgeman and I spent four days ski touring. The last couple of days we headed up the the Grand St Bernard. I was staggered how much snow was up there. To day as we descended the "Council were about to undertake the mamouth task of opening the road for the summer.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Buckets of Snow

So every year I end up saying I am staggered by how often we get stacks of snow in late April. I shouldn't be suprised because it seems to happen reguarly.
Plan A was to do some ski touring with Elizabeth and Robin Tarling. This didn't happen due to a huge dump of snow. Instead we skied off piste on our first day. The next we went for a wonderful day tour on the Arpille , but not before we got the Land Rover stuck in deep snow. On our final day we had the whole of La Flegere to our selves for the best skiing I have ever known there.