Sunday, January 02, 2022

A couple of weather records - one welcome one not.


La Flegere -mid November

Most of the Autumn was beautifully clear day after day. This lead you to think the weather could never change, let alone snow.  Then around the very end of November it did snow, not a lot but just an encouraging amount.  This was followed by a little more and then on the 10th December it really started to dump.  So much so that it was the most snow recorded in a single December day since 1966.

When it stopped snowing the sun came out and it was magical.
Milo swims through 80cm of over night snow on the Chamonix golf course.

It remained  wonderfully crisp and cold  until just before Chritmas and although the snow high up was wrecked by the wind in the lower resorts we had wonderful skiing through the meadows and trees.
That was about as good as it gets, because just as everything was shaping up perfectly we were then thrown a "curve ball' in the guise of a ban on all UK nationals coming to France.  So all my potential clients could no longer get here.

Magical conditions with Reuben & Fiona.

Still it is what it is.  Unlike last year the ski lifts were open and this allowed me to go skiing on Christmas day with some of the best skiers I have ever skied with : My three daughters.

Then the weather changed again.  Torrential rain for about three solid days.  It was horrible and all the off piste skiing was wrecked .  It even rained up to 3000 meters and made it the warmest New Year in the Alps -ever.
Yet the forecast is for another change, it looks like the temperatures will fall  again and there is plenty of snow forecast, I just hope people can actually get here.