Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The new month of Fevril


Aguille de Dru.

There is now going to be a 13th month added to the calander. It going to be  called Fevril.  It's actually going to be scheduled to happen in February but incorporate  April's weather at the same time as February's, but mostly Aprils.  It is being trailed this year and its not universally popular especially in the ski resorts like Megeve.

At valley floor level there is no snow.  The cross - country tracks have been closed and the trees are begining to show signs of buds.

view from the garden.

Yet above 2000 meters the snow cover is excellent.  Recent regular to ups of snow have produced some good off-piste skiing conditions.  The Vallee Blanche has been in good condition - especially considering how bad it was last year.

It was super cold when I took this photo -21c

Vallee Blanche looking well filled in.

Now of course the new cable car from what used to be the Mer de Glace has opened so that you don't have to walk up the many metal steps to the old cable car.   It is certainly a convienece but at the same time  it is an apocalyptic climate disaster that it needed to be built in the first place...

The bottom station of the new cable car.