Monday, November 30, 2009

50 cm of Snow last night and today

This was the first significant dump of snow this year and it is just what is needed to get everyone excited about the forth coming season.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mark the Mountain Guide British Tour

I spent last week back in the UK visiting some schools and talking about how and why I wrote the Mark the Mountain Guide books. I used real pictures to show the children where I got the inspiration for the stories. I finished each talk by showing them all how an Avalanche Beeper worked. I got the children to pass the Beeper around rather like pass the parcel. When I said stop the child who had the bleeper was asked to hide it up their jumper with out me seeing it. It was then up to me to search for the hidden bleeper.
I visited five schools: Folds School, Deepdene and West Hove Infants school [all in the Brighton area]Next I visited Thorngrove School near Newbury and lastly I spent the day at Brookham School in Liphook.