Monday, January 05, 2009

Lost Ski- Found Ski

So Stacy and his friend Mark joined me for a days off- piste skiing at Le Tour. Every thing was going swimmingly until Stacy lost a ski in very deep snow. We searched for it. An hour passed then another. We decided to cut our loses get back to safety, hire some more skis and make the most of the day. [Which we did.]
Stacy was charged the stupid sum of €610 for the ski.
We pondered how we were going to find the ski. I planned to hire a metal detector. This was going to be a hassle so I found the next best thing a wife. Jane arrived at the site of the lost ski and found it in about a minute. Both skis are back in the shop and Stacy has been promised his money back.

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Phreerunner said...

1. Nice story Mark.
2. Thanks for writing Mark the Mountain Guide - it's being enjoyed by a 6 year old friend and his dad.
3. Say hello to John Howarth when you see him - hopefully he's enjoying an active retirement.
Martin Banfield