Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So whats all this alpine climbing about?

This was the question Bob Dyson decided to answer by joining me for the last 4 very hot days he was completely new to it. This is what he concluded:

Dear Mark
I really do not know where to start as you laid on so many new alpine experiences for me to savour.

From stepping out of the car on Friday morning and being roped up and on the rock face within minutes to the decent to the Mer de Glace for crampon and ice axe techniques; the unforgettable climb of Aiguille des Crochues and the white paradise we crossed from Aiguille du Midi on Monday.

It was all sensational.

I asked to be taken to places I hadn't been and you obliged in spade fulls ensuring throughout that I was exhilarated but safe. You are the consummate professional and I cannot thank you enough Mark.

The added bonus was of course your company and my meeting your wife Jane, daughters and dog.


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