Friday, April 25, 2014

Long Time No See

I was delighted when John Young got in contact . We first climbed together in Scotland in 1992 and skied together a couple of times in the early 2000's. I was less delighted with the weather forecast for the week John had booked with me. There had been no snow for about 3 weeks and the conditions were looking decidedly patchy. Then the forecast was for rain!
Nevertheless I shouldn't have worried . It did rain, but only at night and high up it snowed. This gave us regular top ups of snow and fresh tracks everyday.

We started on Grands Montets skiing down the Glacier des Rognons but the really good snow was on the front face where we could keep doing laps and still there was acres of space.
On the Tuesday [after another top up of overnight snow] we ventured into the Vallee Blanche. Again we were treated to untracked snow and a wonderfully quiet experience.

On our third day we jumped in the car and drove around to the Col des Pillons where we used the lift system to get into position before climbing Les Diablerets

Our final two days we skied off the top of Les Grands Montets again enjoying the regular overnight top ups of snow.

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