Thursday, March 02, 2017

Dont follow tracks , especially our tracks.

It continues to be grey and wet in the Chamonix valley caused by almost continuous Foehn winds . Yet the conditions in Italy have produced some of the best powder skiing I have seen in years. Chris Dovell and Lia Heisters joined me for three days. On our first day we skied the trees which lead down to the Petit St Bernard road, then down through the meadows in knee deep fluffy snow. The next day Chris and I explored Courmayeur. Chris has skied in Courmayeur a lot, but I still managed to find him some descents he hadn't made before. To be safe I asked him to throw 50 meters of Dymeena cord in his bag in case we got "Cliffed Out." Anyone stupid enough to be suckered into following our tracks thinking they would get good skiing would have got some amazing skiing , but a whole lot more too.
On our final day it was raining in Chamonix coupled with high winds , so once again it was back through the tunnel to La Thuile , where once again we had excellent skiing.

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