Monday, February 05, 2018

Bad snow good snow

It doesn't really matter if you have a base of 10 meters of snow or a base of 1 meter of snow if its all rock hard and icy. Your going to get fairly indifferent off-piste skiing conditions. Well we had loads of snow and at the beginning of the week and it was all bullet hard. Fiona and Reuben and I headed for Les Contamines where the weather was beautiful although there was evidence of some significant avalanches on the south facing slopes. The snow had subsequently frozen leaving a surface less than great for skiing on.
Wednesday we skied at Le Tour . The skiing was good , but still the snow was hard packed. Thursday everything changed - It snowed heavily all day. When its snowing you need trees so that you have definition. Chamonix doesn't have any decent off-piste tree skiing so we headed for St Gervais which does. The skiing was wonderfully varied with the obligatory stream to negotiate and some thigh deep powder. Lunch was good too. There are so many great place to eat in St Gervais.
On the Friday . Everything came together. We were blessed with a cold clear day fresh snow and no wind . We skied at Flegere and had one of those good as it gets days .

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