Thursday, January 31, 2019

Snow and conditions just gets better.

We continue to have excellent skiing conditions .  Reuben and Fiona Berg joined me for a few  days .  On our first day we skied off piste at St Gervais where conditions were first rate .  Plus we sampled the somewhat OTT venue of the Folie Douce where we eat lunch at  the adjacent La Fruitière Restaurant complete with a rather eccentric singer:

The singer is on the right.
The next day we skied at La Flegere.  The snow and conditions were perfect.
On our third day together it was a chance to ski with Antony and Reuben .  It was snowing hard when we turned up at Les Grands Montets to be told that it was closed by high winds.  We returned to La Flegere where the cable car was miraculously running.  We found exceptional conditions which allowed us to ski the front face underneath the cable car where we bounced down on huge pillows of cold fresh snow.
On our final day together we returned to La Giettaz where the tree runs were as good as any tree run in the alps .
Antony in the secret powder stash.

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