Monday, September 04, 2023

Opposite Crazy Weather

Cabane Moiry 2826m

Four days before this photo was taken the temperature was recorded at 35c.  Mark Daniels and I arrived at the Moiry Hut to be greeted by a wintry seen which left us somewhat flummoxed.
We asked the Hut Guardian for recommendations as to what might be feasible the next day.  He just shugged his shoulders and said he didnt know- not exactly helpful.

Mind you the scene from the Hut was undeinably beautiful .
Looking down toward Lac du Moiry 

So Mark and I agreed we would have breakfast at 6.00am and see if we could climb the Pointes du Morti.

The next morning the weather was beautiful calm and still. We were the only people at breakfast.  We headed out and up the track behind the hut, commenting that it was good that someone else had made the path through the snow.  This was because overnight the snow had frozen and formed a crust.  It soon became apparent that going anywhere other than where the track went was going to be impossible.
Fortunately there was a track up to the summit of Les Bouqutins 3469.  So that is where we went.  Tottaly beautiful and the views from its summit were of the mighty 4000ers that surround Zermatt.

Mighty Weisshorn seen from summit of Les Bouquetins.

full set of photos can be found here

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