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Father & Daughter working together


Ultimate ski instructor transport: Defender


Florence,my daughter, has been working flat out for the Ecole Ski Francais [ ESF Chamonix] all season but I was able to use her services for 3 days.  

We had a group of ten skiers who had come all the way from Vail Colorado.  Florenece was the youngest by at least 35 years! Yet we were both blown away by how good this group of skiers were.

This was their first time skiing in Europe and it was our job to show case the area.  
This group live for skiing

Not for the first time this season we did not have perfect conditions.  The weather had been un seasonably warm [again]. Yet as Florence and I left our Hello meeting, the evening before - It started to snow.
The next morning it had't stopped, meaning we needed to find somewhere to ski with trees because the visibility was poor.
So we headed for Les Grands Montets.  The skiing was good , the view was not.

The next day we headed for Le Tour. Here not only was the skiing was good but so to was the view.

Jim skiing of the back of Le Tour.

We were still finding un tracked snow at 4.00pm 

Stunning conditions in Les Jeurs

On our third day together, it was very windy which reduced our options, so I decided our best bet was to return to Les Grands Montets.  This proved to be a good descision because not only was the snow good and seemed sheltered from the wind, but this time they could see.
Florence standing by the avalnche warning and transciever checker Les Grands Montets.

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Alan Kimber said...

Daughter's are very useful most times. Our eldest is working her socks of for Sue and I. Hope you are paying well 🤔😁