Monday, April 02, 2007

Valley Blanche for very small people

I had a couple of days off so I got the chance to ski the Valley Blanche with Andrea who is eight years old. We did it last May but conditions were not quite so good this time and we had some difficult breakable crust to deal with plus a strong Foehn wind.
To day was Florence [six years old] turn to ski the Valley Blanche. The conditions were much better today so we decided to visit the Cosmique Hut. We did this using our ski touring skis. It was Florence first time on skins but despite being at over 3500 meters she zoomed along. Florence was hoping to see Lorance who is the guardian of the Cosmique Hut and more importantly she is the Mother of Florences best friend. But Lorance was not there so we had a cup of Hot Chocolate and then skied powder down to the bottom in under an hour.

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