Friday, January 22, 2016

Klosters : If there is a better skiing resort show me it.

If you can arrange it try and get to Klosters just before the
World Economic Forum which is held in the neighbouring resort of Davos. The reason is shortly after leaving the motorway at Chur there is a road block with Tanks and the Swiss Army [who contrary to popular belief are as a useful as a chocolate Tea Pot]:

But the road block has the effect of dissuading all other skiers from entering the valley. The net result is that you have the resort to yourselves. Add a fresh dump of nearly 2 meters of cold fresh snow and you are in skiing heaven.

John Cackett and I set off from Chamonix with the intention of skiing in Villars on the way. This didnt happen . There was thunder and lightening [not normal in early January] and lashing rain- also not normal but increasingly common. All that happened is we got soaking wet just getting out of the car. Not a great start , but so often the most memorable trips begin inauspiciously.

Next we drove to Klosters , negotiated the road block and arrived at the iconic Wynegg Hotel. [The Wynegg could claim to be one of the corner stones of the development of alpine skiing.] Then it snowed . It snowed for the next week.

During this time two of John's sons Finn and Leo joined us. Leo is a renowned photographer with a portfolio of some of the most famous sports stars in the world. He even took a photo of me:

Finally the good weather arrived and the combination of fabulous snow and blue skies was enjoyed by virtually no one other than the four of us.

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